Should the Habs Draft Julien Gauthier?

After not making the playoffs, the Montreal Canadiens showed they were missing size and skill at the forward position. With too many grinders or diminutive forwards they lack a towering presence who can win the battles to the net and most importantly finish. The Montreal Canadiens have not had a 50 goal scorer in 27 seasons since Stephane Richer. A player that General Manager Marc Bergevin seriously needs to take a look at is 6’4″ Pointe-aux-Trembles, Quebec native Julien Gauthier. Having scored 79 goals in his last two seasons for Val D’or of the Quebec league, Julien is the package. He is a natural goal scorer. A tough large forward who will drop his gloves regularly to fight to motivate and fire up his team. He is not afraid to go to the net and stay there.

Julien possesses tremendous hockey vision, great skating abilities and skill. His speed and size with his tremendous puck handling skills would fill a void behind Max Pacioretty for wingers with size and raw goal scoring prowess for the Montreal Canadiens. Having been selected to Team Canada Junior teams in a supporting role in the past, Gauthier also possesses leadership and drive that will go along way in his pro hockey career. The Habs have lacked the toughness it needs to make the playoffs and go further in the absence of such type of players as Julien Gauthier. Don’t get me wrong, Gallagher, Desharnais and Galhenyuk are good players but just are not strong enough to battle top playoff contenders. Many of the top Quebec players in the NHL for opposite teams up their game when in front of the hometown crowd. This trend has to stop and the only way of doing so is by bringing them to play for the Montreal Canadiens. With Vincent Lecavalier retiring recently along with a generation of homegrown talent superstars, a new generation is rising of Quebec hockey players and Julien Gauthier is one of them. A perfect fit for the Montreal Canadiens at the upcoming draft in Buffalo, NY.


Is Obama the Worst US President in History?


In his final year of US Presidency, let’s take a look at Barrack Obama’s legacy. What will he be remembered for? What direction has he steered America? Here are some points on results that Obama’s administration has results:

  • Raised the US Federal Debt from $6.3 trillion to $19.3 trillion
  • Unprecedented 65 million people globally displaced
  • Record global citizens killed from terrorism
  • A Record 94,610,000 Americans Not in Labor Force
  • Record gap between the rich and poor
  • The top 1% control over 50% of the nation’s wealth
  • CEO pay to average workers has soared to record high
  • 22% of children live in poverty in the United States
  • Record mass shootings in the US under his watch
  • Suicide is the fifth leading cause of death of children ages 5-14
  • More people die from drugs than from car accidents
  • More than one in four blacks live in poverty
  • The jobless rate for blacks is twice that of whites
  • The median income for black households is less than 60% that of white ones
  • Racial tensions in the US have been stoked under his watch
  • The middle class in the US is disappearing
  • More than ½ a million people are homeless in the US
  • More than 25 percent of U.S. students fail to graduate high school in four years
  • record losses in manufacturing jobs and record trade deficits

These few stats alone are up-hauling from a President who has claimed to have savedthe country from the Great Recession. Obama’s passing the buck mentality and deflecting responsibility exemplify signs of poor leadership. Only time will tell but Obama will most likely go down in history as one of the worst US Presidents.



Should The Habs Sign David Perron?

With the Montreal Canadiens struggling offensively yet again this season, and the fact that developing draft players often takes years of patience, trading often means giving up good players in return, it only becomes a matter of time that GM Marc Bergevin needs to look for help free agency. With recent trade busts, it’s becoming obvious that the Montreal Canadiens Management has a lot of difficulty trading. Their inability to sacrifice decent players to get better players, sign skilled talent or even chase bargains has made their talent base decrease substantially to their current declining state. When will Bergevin start to realize that the Hab’s is offensive chemistry lacking? Watching the disconnect in the passing between team mates as well as relying too much on one player for each line to get points on the scoreboard are costing the Habs easy points in the standings. One player that comes to mind is a local Sherbooke native David Perron. David Perron has been a journeyman in the NHL who was traded just before the Pittsburgh Penguins made their Stanley Cup run. In all fairness the whole team including Sidney Crosby  was playing poorly until the team fired the coach but they fired him after Perron’s departure.

A gritty play maker and goal scorer who had some great years with St Louis and Edmonton has a style of playing that could really gel with Habs players such as Pacioretty, Desharnais and company. He can hit and fight too. He is still only 28 years old and decent size at 6’0″ in height (taller than Gallagher, Desharnais, Plekanec and Byron) has some skill that could really ignite the Montreal’s offence. David Perron is a fantastic playmaker who could create many better quality offensive opportunities than the team is creating currently on the power play and even strength. He isn’t afraid to drive to the net. David Perron also thrives on playing in front of the home town fans in Montreal. Without a mix of Quebec players, too much pressure is put on the few remaining Francophones that exist in the system right now. The Habs would not have to give much up for such a player and probably not have to offer too much money to sign him. Imagine the passing chemistry if Bergevin grabbed him and the improved power play as well as a hometown player who can play the old school style of Montreal Canadiens hockey (not the dump and chase that they have now regressed to). The last time the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup in 1993 they had a team stacked with local Quebec talent and now have regressed to the fewest hometown players in Franchise history. This is a no brainer and would be a great boost for the Habs if Bergevin woke up and brought David Perron to the team where he belongs.


Is Target Corporation in Trouble?

Target Corporation a once promising retailer who drew in retail shoppers by the drove for their interesting line of merchandising which included mod retro fashions for women and men as well as interesting lines of home furnishings and accessories seems to be in trouble of late. After trying to aggressively expand in Canada, Target quickly closed all their entire Canadian operations and laid off their entire staff there after generating huge losses. They gave former Target Canada CEO Gregg Steinhafel’s a ‘walk-away’ package estimated at $61M (more than the entire severance for all the Canadian employee’s combined) for leading the expansion plan fiasco. Enter a Target store of late and you notice cheap, dull merchandising, limited hours of operation and empty parking lots. Although their stock is trading near multi-year highs, Target is inevitably in trouble. With stiff competition from other department stores, clothing chains and dollar stores competing for a declining demographic the fact is Target’s quality has dropped so dramatically it cannot compete. Recently downgraded by Barclay’s, Target has become too reliant on department store credit cards and huge markups on low quality merchandise as well as derivatives trading to generate profits and forgot what consumers want. It is following Kmart’s model and unless it strays away from that, it will follow the fate of the Canadian subsidiary.


Should the Habs Trade for Jason Pominville?

The Montreal Canadiens Management is steering the ship towards the basement of the NHL. For a team that once led the standings 10 games into the same season to set a franchise record to start the season is now setting a franchise record for losing streak that last occurred during the Great Depression era. While missing out on players like David Perron and Vincent Lecavalier who would have created that instant spark to help guide the Habs into playoff contention the team’s playoffs hopes are now all but squashed with their lack of scoring, something that has plagued the team for decades now. A player who seems to have no problems scoring when playing against the Montreal Canadiens is 33 year old winger from Repentigny, Quebec Jason Pominville. Former Captain of the Buffalo Sabres, this player would provide the Habs with the leadership and offensive skill to get them scoring again. Although he is struggling for the Minnesota Wild right now a change of scenery and playing alongside a playmaker like fellow Quebecer David Desharnais might do the trick. Pominville’s presence could help lead a team of defensive forwards to find their way back to the scoreboard.

After watching Lars Eller granted extra playing time by the coaching staff to only put up 20 point seasons for years now, a straight up trade could help both the Wild and Habs. Let’s face it, Lars Eller is not a classic Habs style player like Pominville. Anyone who has seen Pominville’s smooth skating, swift passing and quick shot knows that he could be the glue that is missing in the Habs offence. A junior player like Charles Hudon who put up 2 points and went +2 in his first two games ever in the NHL would ignite on a potential 2nd All Quebec line with Desharnais and potentially Pominville. This would take the pressure off the Gallagher-Plekanec-Pacioretty line as well as not force Dale Weisse and other 3rd line players to be in a role they are not suited for. With Carey Price out for a while and the Habs goaltending situation soft, the Management really needs to beef up the offence and what better way than acquiring Pominville as soon as possible to save the season.



Is Stephen Harper the Worst Prime Minister in Canadian History?

With elections in Canada approaching on Monday October 19th, 2015 there are questions surrounding the most controversial Prime Minister in Canadian History. How will he be remember? Let’s look at some facts looking back at his 9 year tenure in power as follows:

* Harper has the track record of the worst economic growth in Canada of any PM since the Great Depression
* reverting from the conservative approach the previous Liberal governments enforced the PM has allowed the Canadian banks to take huge risks in the footsteps of their American counterparts who brought about the 2008 crisis
* appointment of corrupt government officials by the PM
* More than 140 Canadian food plants have closed since Harper took office
* Combined debts at all levels of government have sky rocketed
* Our future has been mortgaged by chasing the short term growth at all costs mentality
* the PM has placed all his eggs in one basket in his economic growth policies and management
* Canada has become the worst polluter per capita in the world
* Vast agricultural fields have been destroyed for building unsustainable real estate overdevelopment
* The most soldiers have been killed while Harper has been in office than any PM since the Korean War
* The success in the policies of the PM has been concentrated towards the top 10-20% of companies and individuals
* Small business has been hurt by Harper and the result are countless boarded up shops on main streets all over Canada
* The PM has helped our precious resources and prestigious companies to be sold off to the highest foreign bidder
* encourage the CMHC to instead of being used to help genuine first time home buyers buy reasonable homes instead to support mass speculation in real estate
* housing costs for buyers and renters have never consumed such a high proportion of their income
* PM tries to fix external political problems in foreign countries when he cannot fix the domestic social problems in his own
* Various Canadian industries are suffering the plight of the current PM’s administration such as mining, oil and gas resources, advertising, retail, technology, manufacturing  to name a few
* Never has there been a bigger gap between the rich and the poor in Canadian history than under Harper
* allowing the costs of post secondary education tuition to balloon out of control for students that have forced record debts to pursue higher education
* low accountability standards allowing white collar criminals who have run their Canadian corporations into the ground leaving shareholders, pensioners and employees empty handed with a slap on the wrist
* lack of serious investment in research and development or the future of the country instead of returning party contributors favours

Is Stephen Harper the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history?


Should Habs Sign Francois Beauchemin?

Back in 1998, one of the deepest draft years for the Montreal Canadiens in recent history, an up and coming Laval QMJHL defencemen was picked in the 3rd round 75th overall by the Habs. Later given up by the same team that drafted him, Francois Beauchemin went on to greatness by winning a Stanley Cup for Anaheim and positioning himself as a leader of the team. With the free agency deadline approaching Francois Beauchemin is a UFA on an Anaheim team with alot of up and coming talent. Should the Montreal Canadiens sign the 35 year old rugged defenceman and make a legitimate run for the Stanely Cup? Francois still has good years left in him and would give the Habs that extra push they seem to lack when Subban and Markov cannot solve opposing teams offense by themselves. With Jeff Petry signed surprisingly for a huge contract, perhaps moving Tom Gilbert or Alexei Emelin would add some cap space. Beauchemin would bring 1 more championship caliber defenceman to a team that has lost it’s way in the post season. The veteran leadership and work ethic would help younger players on the team develop. A reasonable 3 year contract for $10.5-12 would probably be enough to lure the Sorel Quebec native defenceman home to play. A late starter in the NHL he has the potenital to play like former Hab Chris Chelios much longer than most expect. The Habs made a big mistake letting him go years ago but can completely corrrect that by bringing Beauchemin back who is completely familiar with the Canadiens system since he was a direct product of it’s development. The Montreal Canadiens need more hometown players to give the team an edge in the playoffs next season. Should the Habs Sign Francois Beauchemin?