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Should The Montreal Canadiens Draft Anthony Richard?

With the Montreal Canadiens offence struggling throughout the recent regular season and post season playoff drive offence becomes a priority to improve during the off season. It’s been many years since the Canadiens had a 50 goal scorer (Stephane Richer back in the 1989-1990 season) as well as a top 10 league scorer. Regarded as one of the deepest drafts in a generation this year offers many teams the chance to select high quality players that normally would be first round picks in previous years in the lower rounds. First and foremost the Montreal Canadiens have no 2nd and 4th round picks due
to recent trades which could come back to haunt them.

Within the QMJHL ranks there lies a Quebec native player for Val-d’Or by the name of Anthony Richard. It’s been a lifetime since a player with that last name dawned a Montreal Canadiens jersey. Anthony has a similar frame to that of one time great Maurice Richard (both height and weight wise). Anyone following him this past season will notice a repeating pattern of big games where he scored hat tricks for his team. Although the draft combine measures strength and endurance (all things that can easily be taught to a prospect) skill is the main ability that cannot be taught. With Charlie Hudon and Jeremy Gregoire definitely highly skilled future Quebec prospects for the Habs that have high potential to make the big club, Anthony Richard inevitably has Montreal Canadiens history written all over him in his style and skill. Although he is rated to go 126th in the overall draft, Marc Bergevin and his management must draft this player as he could be the steal of the draft. Scoring 43 goals and 91 points as well as 22 points in 17 games in the post season, this natural goal scorer of a player is much needed for the Habs to complement their current playmaking forwards who are limited in scoring potential. The Habs will need to trade some existing players to regain draft picks or they could miss out like they have in recent years on homegrown talent. Watching the Stanley Cup finals and noticing players like Antoine Vermette and Cedrick Paquette whom were both passed up by the Montreal Canadiens in prior drafts you realize why the Habs are extending their golf season right now and not in the thick of the action. If Anthony Richard is not drafted by the Montreal Canadiens it would be a crime.


Is Obama the Ghetto President?

With US stock markets soaring to all time highs of late and prosperity amongst the wealthy also to record levels Barack Obama in his 7th year as US President has created some disturbing issues or concerns that are not reported in mainstream media. Record number of individuals are reliant on food stamps, 1 in 5 people are in collections, the gap between the rich and the poor has far exceeded that in the Roaring 1920’s and is at record levels, 40% of the country has no savings for emergencies, more than half of all students in the public school system come from poverty, child poverty is unprecedented, the average debt per household is over $200,000, there are an unprecedented number of boarded up properties, there are record number of commercial as well as residential real estate sitting vacant or classified as zombie foreclosures, poverty rates and indifferences amongst black and other minorities within America are staggering, post secondary school education has soared and become only affordable to the rich, student loan debt is staggering and consumers are in personal debts at record levels to name a few concerns. It seems that Obama’s legacy as President will have only benefited very few connected to Wall Street as well as the top echelons of wealthy in society and will be remembered as one of creating the greatest disparity in American history. Coming from a Senate position in Illinois where economic disparity and poverty is unsustainable (especially in areas of Chicago) it seems though Obama has left a trail of not addressing such issues almost turning his back to them. When images of riots happening in some of the poorer neighbourhoods (such as what happened in Missouri) it is becoming apparent that the Obama administration has created more economic ghettos in America? Will he be remembered as the Ghetto President?


Should Habs Trade Lars Eller?

The Montreal Canadiens are approaching the March trade deadline in an enviable spot in the standings but still need a boost to make a legitimate run for the playoffs. Centre Lars Eller has been very streaky over the length of his career. Limited offensively and noted for coughing up the puck at the most in opportune time, is it time the Habs trade Lars Eller? Although he is a two way forward, he is neither brilliant offensively nor defensively. For the amount of playing time Eller gets from head coach Therrien, his numbers are rather disappointing. He tends to float a lot during games and although will have a couple of big games in terms of production, then disappear for long stretches at a time. Perhaps sending Eller and a prospect or draft pick to Arizona for Antoine Vermette or to Philadelphia in a similar package for Vincent Lecavalier might be a better move for Habs GM Marc Bergevin to improve the strength of the Habs forward lines and make a serious run for the Stanley Cup? Let’s face it, Lars Eller is not a power forward and it’s time the Montreal Canadiens take this player (who has never scored more than 30 points in a season) and is a combined minus 19 in his last 2 seasons and send him elsewhere.


How can the Maple Leafs save their season?

The Toronto Maples Leafs have entered an unprecedented losing streak in this 2014-2015 season. They have missed the playoffs 8 out of their last 9 season seasons. Phil Kessel was the lone star representing the team in the all star game. In fact, they have not been competitive since Ken Dryden was last President of the team. But what can the Maple Leafs do to salvage their dignity and more importantly this season and the next couple of seasons thereafter? We can go through all the many mistakes they have made over the years to lead them up to this point or we can just list what they need to do now and going forward as below:

– End the nepotism bubble and get rid of all the scouts, management and so called self-proclaimed analytics expert and barely legal looking Kyle Dubas (don’t you need an advanced math degree to be an official analytics expert?)
– limit scouting to Canadian amateur leagues (WHL, OHL and QJMHL), maybe 1 for the USHL as well as 1 in Russia and 1 in Sweden
– stop rushing development of players from the minors to the NHL who are too young and not ready
– take the bottom 3 performing defencemen as well as bottom 6 performing forwards and ship them all out
– the bottom 2 lines (6 players) should be filled with two way or defensive players
– the bottom 3 defencemen should only be defensive defencemen
– put Frederik Gauthier in the Marlies and not in Rimouski of the Q
– get rid of James Reimer and call up Antoine Bibeau (who is showing alot of maturity in the Marlies) to back up Bernier in nets as well as only play Bernier 2 games in a row and the backup the 3rd game going forward
– get an experienced person to develop the prospects who really knows hockey (like Doug Gilmour or Guy Carbonneau)

Face it, the Maple Leafs are one dimensional. The entire team Management has built likes to be offensive and are not defensive minded. That is why with the new coach stressing defence, they can no longer win. They need to have a balanced team where all the players are not the same type on the team. By trading their underperforming players away, they can get some prospects and picks to help develop their future depth as well as claim some veteran leaders whose roles are limited on their current squads and can bring that two way forward presence needed or defensive minded approach. With every shake up in Management and coaching staff, the Leafs still manage to lose as they never ever learn from history to correct their past mistakes. Until they do so, they will never win. Listed above is the only way they can win again.


Why is Oil falling?

Just before the 2008 crisis during oil’s peak it had climbed to nearly $146 a barrel. Traders and pundits alike were calling for $200 or even $250 oil at that point. It then collapsed to nearly $32 a barrel as well as gasoline futures down to $1 a gallon over the months as the Great Recession of 2008 came into effect. Initially the Federal Reserve pinpointed that collapse as the reason behind the start of the 2008 recession but later retracted the thesis outlining that from their website. Strong rallies occurred to bring the oil back up over $100 a barrel and even to around $120 a barrel where it had been propped up for quite some time. In recent weeks on the markets, oil futures have taken a beating as well as gasoline futures. Why has this happened? Let’s look at some reasons:

– Russia has huge investments in oil and a collapse in the price of oil would completely destabilize it’s government (remember the 1990’s?) as well as smaller nations such as Venezuela who pose a threat to Western Powers.
– The Saudi’s have lost market share of oil production to foreign producers and can afford to crash the price so as to crush competitors and force them to slow production.
– The United States can afford to also produce oil at very cheap prices as well as OPEC nations so they too can afford to crash the price so as to crush competitors and force them to slow production or close up shop (i.e. Canadian Oil Sands).
– margin debt trading hit all time highs recently (as it was before the 2007/2008 decline) and the CBOE (Chicago Board of Options Exchange – an organization mired in a history of corruption) raised margin requirements for Oil, a dubious movement which they have performed in the past to control the prices of various commodities.

It becomes fairly easy to understand why oil is crashing and the political reasons behind it.


Is the NFL a disgrace?

Over the years the National Football League (NFL) has developed a mentality to promote and give hugely excessive salaries to players who are sociopathic, out of control and get in trouble with the law. It is becoming more frequent in recent years the number of players who disgrace themselves and have made the NFL the laughing joke amongst professional sports for fostering and developing disgraceful athletes.

Below is a list of noticeable NFL Athletes who have disgraced themselves (if we had a complete list it would be the length of a book):

* In March 1996, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin was arrested on charges of cocaine possession at a hotel party celebrating his birthday with under age hookers and cocaine. He later was arrested on similar instances on separate occasions multiple times thereafter.

* former Atlanta Falcons star QB Michael Vick was arrested and incarcerated for operating a dog fighting ring in 2007 and torturing the dogs afterwards as well as testing positive for marijuana. He later squandered his entire fortune and declared bankruptcy.

* former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is indicted on charges of killing multiple people (in serial killer fashion) and is behind bars.

* former RB OJ Simpson is in state prison for Robbery, kidnapping, coercion and conspiracy as well was famously arrested for the murder of his former wife and her male friend.

* Pittsburgh Steelers QB has been arrested multiple times in the past for sexual assault.

* Vikings RB Adrian Peterson has been charged with child abuse.

* Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski had been arrested for possessing and distributing the date rape drug.

* Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice caught on camera knocking his wife unconscious and dragging her on the ground.

* Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was arrested for murder.

* Former Ravens and Browns star RB Jamal Lewis was imprisoned for possessing and planning to distribute five kilograms of cocaine.

The number of arrests have been going through the roof in recent years for NFL athletes. With many Americans struggling still since the 2008 Recession is the United States and the average income lower since before the recession started the average NFL salary has sky rocketed along with endorsement deals for their athletes even though attendance is declining at stadiums. Is the sport of football a bubble? What is wrong that the sport recruits such low life athletes? Is it time they do a mandatory criminal background check as a requirement before letting any player continue on to the NFL? Is the NFL a disgrace?


Are the English Royal Family Welfare Bums?

The Royal Monarchy of England has been in power as well as the public eye for many, many centuries but are they anything but upper class? Of late with public scandals such as Prince Harry (nicknamed Harry pothead) on his escapades caught on film committing sexual acts in a Las Vegas hotel room with a female, Princess Kate topless sunbathing photos leaked to the media, Prince Andrew having ties to shady underworld figures and Prince Charles wedding a woman he had extra marital affairs with when married to Princess Diana to name a few, one starts to realize that the royal family’s behaviour has become very similar to the lower class rungs of England. It was recently announced that the Queen’s royal finances are running low as well and cannot cover costs for their vast real estate holdings. How can that be from the centuries of stipulance plus the tax breaks at the cost of the English taxpayers? Have the Royal family become no different from the welfare class willing to collect money to help finance their lifestyle without really working for it? With strong German blood in their family ties, is it time they are cut off from milking the English people? Have they become the laughing stock of upperclass circles for their declining fortunes as well as family values and behaviour?