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Should Marc Bergevin Grab Simon Despres and David Savard?

With the 2014 trade deadline coming, Marc Bergevin has a lot of decisions to make for the present and the future of the Montreal Canadiens. Two players whom the Montreal Canadiens really need right now are 6’4″ Laval, PQ native defenceman Simon Depres currently playing for the AHL affiliate of the Pittsburgh Penguins as well as 6’2″ St Hyacinthe, PQ native defenceman David Savard from the Columbus Blue Jackets. Both their size and skill as well as some decent NHL experience and numbers they’ve put up early in their careers would really be a big improvement in the future of the defensive core for the Montreal Canadiens. Depres would bring much needed size to the Habs and was a former teammate with current Habs prospect defenceman Nathan Beaulieau back in their Memorial Cup winning days St.John’s days in the Q. They dominated once before and can do it again for the Montreal Canadiens. With the last name Savard, any fans who remember the 70’s Habs defensive great would be silly to overlook this promising young defenceman from the Blue Jackets who was formerly the Quebec league defenceman of the year. Both players for their age, look really mature and good early on in their NHL careers. With former 1st round draft pick Depres in the AHL right now to make room for the Penguins roster of talent, the Habs could easily grab him if they exchanged their former 1st round pick hulking defensive prospect Jared Tinordi. This would be a no brainer as Depres would fit much better in the Habs organization. To get David Savard, the Habs could trade limited defenceman Josh Gorges. Face it, Gorges has heart and apparently good with the team mates in the dressing room but is not helping the Habs dominate on defence and with his salary and disastrous post season performance he is a liability. The Habs would need to deal a player or two with Gorges to make the salary exchange economically efficient for the Blue Jackets.

The Habs obviously are not a complete team nor a contender going into the playoffs but by trading players who have limited potential in the Habs organization for players who are unlimited in their potential GM Marc Bergevin could make a huge leap for the Habs to be much closer to a legitimate Stanley Cup run more than any of his predecessors not since Serge Savard (referenced above). Imagine, a defence lined with PK Subban, Markov, Yemelin, Beaulieau, Depres and Savard? There would be a lot of Stanley Cup championships returning to the city of Montreal with a defensive squad sporting names like those on their jerseys.