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Are The Habs in Trouble?

It’s been 19 seasons since the once gloried Montreal Canadiens have brought home the Stanley Cup to it’s fans and with their current roster the chance to win it seems years away. With injured defenceman Andrei Markov and other than Carey Price, along with future defensive talent PK Subban, there seems to be no superstars on a team which is in dire need of them. With only 1 win in the pre-season, Canadiens seem lacking in offensive playmaking talent, scoring as well as in the defence department. A nifty and skilled playmaker such as Desharnais makes brilliant passes to forwards who can’t put the puck in the net. The current GM Pierre Gauthier has brought aboard a group of veterans who are under-sized,  injury plagued throughout their careers and limited in offensive skill while moving away skilled players. Repeating the same mistakes as his predecessors Rejean Houle, Andre Savard and Bob Gainey. As each former Hab’s player (or local Quebec born player) plays in front of the crowd in Montreal and puts up points against the Montreal Canadiens, each little trade or signing mistake becomes magnified.

At each season’s end it becomes obvious that the handful of players who carry the team can’t do it on their own and their own chances of winning the Stanley Cup are being held back by dead weight or players who would be nothing other than bench warming or AHL material on other NHL teams. When Habs fans witness teams like the Philadelphia Flyers or Tampa Bay Lightning make big roster moves by shipping out limited skill players and bringing in stronger, often bigger, faster, more skilled players thus much improving their team and chances of winning the Stanley Cup it becomes ever so more disappointing. Comparing improvements made to the other teams in the NHL and in the same division with the Montreal Canadiens for the upcoming 2011-2012 season, do the Habs have no chance of making the playoffs (moreless winning the Stanley Cup) this season and are they in trouble?


Is the Stock Market Manipulated to raise GDP?

The stock market in recent days has been filled with wild large swings on the down side as well as especiually on the up side. There is a noticeable pattern in timing as to when the markets rally. One of the most frequent periods of the calendar when these up swings are occuring are during the last week of the month end and quarter ends. With recent declines of the various sub-sectors that the Gross Domestic Product figures of many nations are composed of, the importance of stock market gains as well as commodities increases becomes the last resort of countries desperately trying to create GDP growth in their economies. Via pumping up the stock market and commodities, the Government can make up for losses in the other areas of measures that the GDP is composed of  to show growth in an otherwise lack lustre or negative period. But how is this possible? In the early 1930’s the United States Government collaborated through the largest banks in America to buy stocks to keep the markets propped up after the Great crash of 1929 . In recent years Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and HSBC have 95% of all the derivatives outstanding in the world (totalling in the trillions of dollars) and through leverage can cause huge swings in the markets. The volume of trading is noticeably lower when the markets sky-rocket at the end of each month during these strong rallies as the big boys move in each time to corner the markets without participation of retail investors.

Although not admittedly, the US Government has a huge role in working closely with these big institutions to create such explosive upswings. The only difference between right now and in the past is that these measures were used only temporarily for shorter term durations in the past rallies after a crash to get the markets and investor confidence going again and not extended for such a long period. Many questions arise as to what would have happened if the stock markets were not propped up so heavily? Why is the government not investing in the economy and only relying on stock markt gains? Is this Japan all over again?


Was September 11th a cover-up?

It’s been a decade since the horrific events of September 11th and many questions have still not been answered. Shortly after the September 11th bombings of The World Trade Center, the US government declared Osama Bin Laden as a main mastermind behind the bombings and ordered a war on the Taliban Government in Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban were once backed and trained by the US government to fight the Soviets during the 9 year Soviet-Afghanistan war that resulted in over 100,000 deaths for both sides and over 53,000 injuries for the Soviets as well. The Bin Laden Group are also major business partners with the George Bush Sr and are picked by the Prince of Saudi Arabia to build the world’s tallest skyscraper. In fact during the September 11th crisis all flights were halted across the US  except for those carrying the Bin Laden Group to return home who were meeting in the US that very day.

Now that Osama Bin Laden has been killed, doesn’t it mean that the war should come to an end? Afghanistan is one of the world’s largest supplier of the poppy trade (used within heroin where the US is one of the largest consumers), a major route for potential energy infrastructure (ie. building of pipelines) to the Far East as well as one of the largest un-tapped natural resource locations in the world. In fact, without surprise, after the US invaded Afghanistan they declared that there seems to be trillions of dollars of petroleum, natural gas and minerals located within the region. What a surprise?

If you look back in history at the burning of Rome during Emperor Nero’s rein of the Roman Empire where he blamed Christians for burning the city and used it to create a war to promote his Empire and rebuild the city. Is September 11th history repeating itself? Was it the result of a terrorist act or an act allowed to happen to create a war and allow a powerful group within the powers that be to further control the world and it’s resources? The sad outcome are the many lives lost of people as a result of such a power chess match.