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What Happened to Change Mr. President?

During the Presidential Elections in 2008, we witnessed a promise by then Junior Senator of Illinois Barack Obama to bring change to America. Wall Street and corporate leaders would be held accountable for the limitless greed and damage that had hurt the American foundation of democracy according to this aspiring Democratic Party leader. Unfortunately in the past two years, we have seen the gap between executive salaries and the average worker has increased to record highs, the gap between the rich and the poor as well as people living in poverty hit record levels, companies that required bailouts from the US government in 2008 give bonuses to their executives, tax breaks re-instituted or extended for the rich, record deficit spending pushing the national debt to par with GDP, an extended war effort in Afghanistan with more American resources assigned,  an attempt to resolve a credit bubble by extending credit to a culture of businesses and people even further (in the form of cheap money), a substantial increase in the speculation of oil, gold and other commodity prices and a further crisis in housing in the United States to name a few.

Why is it today, leaders such as the US President are no longer in touch with the wider spectrum of the population in their societies? Why do they hang on to ideals that have been proven wrong in every empire in world history (thus leading to their demise)? For what reason do leaders get into power (to make a difference in society or to make strong business connections for when they retire from politics)? These are questions that make us wonder whether the current US President whose political campaign raised the most money (in 2008) in the history of any political campaign is interested in bringing change that will positively impact the majority of the American population (and ultimately the world) or to help those wealthy elite financial backers of his political cause….