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Are the Maple Leafs going to win the Stanley Cup This Year?

It’s been 47 seasons since the last Stanley Cup Championship for the Toronto Maple Leafs and 21 seasons since a legitimate run (when they made it to the Conference Finals against Wayne Gretzky and the LA Kings back in 1993). Dave Nonis’ as GM of the franchise seems to have some really positive momentum after last season when the Maple Leafs finally returned to the playoffs after quite an absence. With a core of young players who are coming into their prime for some years to come, they barely lost to the Boston Bruins in the last few minutes of the 7th game in their playoff series. Immediately in the off-season Nonis has addressed some issues such as getting rid of pesky and under-sized Gabrovski, bringing in Bolland and Clarkson, signing Paul Ranger on defence as well as bringing in the most sought after goalie Johnathan Bernier from the LA Kings via trade. Bernier, a hybrid goalie who can do the butterfly style such as Patrick Roy when he needs to can also play stand up much like Martin Brodeur. He his the much needed piece to the puzzle the Leafs have needed for many years. The team has had great goalies in the past but many past their prime. The team is now bigger and stronger for many years to come. With remarkably not much hype around them, the Maple Leafs perhaps have assembled their best all round team since 1967. They do not rely on one individual player but have a group of spread out talent who have shown excellent teamwork. Can you imagine when they face rivals such as Montreal, Boston or Detroit this year? The time is now Leafs fans and unlike the Montreal Canadiens who seem to take two steps backward for every one step forward, the Leafs have taken a huge leap forward to becoming a serious contender this year finally.