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Is Obama the Worst US President in History?


In his final year of US Presidency, let’s take a look at Barrack Obama’s legacy. What will he be remembered for? What direction has he steered America? Here are some points on results that Obama’s administration has results:

  • Raised the US Federal Debt from $6.3 trillion to $19.3 trillion
  • Unprecedented 65 million people globally displaced
  • Record global citizens killed from terrorism
  • A Record 94,610,000 Americans Not in Labor Force
  • Record gap between the rich and poor
  • The top 1% control over 50% of the nation’s wealth
  • CEO pay to average workers has soared to record high
  • 22% of children live in poverty in the United States
  • Record mass shootings in the US under his watch
  • Suicide is the fifth leading cause of death of children ages 5-14
  • More people die from drugs than from car accidents
  • More than one in four blacks live in poverty
  • The jobless rate for blacks is twice that of whites
  • The median income for black households is less than 60% that of white ones
  • Racial tensions in the US have been stoked under his watch
  • The middle class in the US is disappearing
  • More than ½ a million people are homeless in the US
  • More than 25 percent of U.S. students fail to graduate high school in four years
  • record losses in manufacturing jobs and record trade deficits

These few stats alone are up-hauling from a President who has claimed to have savedthe country from the Great Recession. Obama’s passing the buck mentality and deflecting responsibility exemplify signs of poor leadership. Only time will tell but Obama will most likely go down in history as one of the worst US Presidents.



Is Stephen Harper the Worst Prime Minister in Canadian History?

With elections in Canada approaching on Monday October 19th, 2015 there are questions surrounding the most controversial Prime Minister in Canadian History. How will he be remember? Let’s look at some facts looking back at his 9 year tenure in power as follows:

* Harper has the track record of the worst economic growth in Canada of any PM since the Great Depression
* reverting from the conservative approach the previous Liberal governments enforced the PM has allowed the Canadian banks to take huge risks in the footsteps of their American counterparts who brought about the 2008 crisis
* appointment of corrupt government officials by the PM
* More than 140 Canadian food plants have closed since Harper took office
* Combined debts at all levels of government have sky rocketed
* Our future has been mortgaged by chasing the short term growth at all costs mentality
* the PM has placed all his eggs in one basket in his economic growth policies and management
* Canada has become the worst polluter per capita in the world
* Vast agricultural fields have been destroyed for building unsustainable real estate overdevelopment
* The most soldiers have been killed while Harper has been in office than any PM since the Korean War
* The success in the policies of the PM has been concentrated towards the top 10-20% of companies and individuals
* Small business has been hurt by Harper and the result are countless boarded up shops on main streets all over Canada
* The PM has helped our precious resources and prestigious companies to be sold off to the highest foreign bidder
* encourage the CMHC to instead of being used to help genuine first time home buyers buy reasonable homes instead to support mass speculation in real estate
* housing costs for buyers and renters have never consumed such a high proportion of their income
* PM tries to fix external political problems in foreign countries when he cannot fix the domestic social problems in his own
* Various Canadian industries are suffering the plight of the current PM’s administration such as mining, oil and gas resources, advertising, retail, technology, manufacturing  to name a few
* Never has there been a bigger gap between the rich and the poor in Canadian history than under Harper
* allowing the costs of post secondary education tuition to balloon out of control for students that have forced record debts to pursue higher education
* low accountability standards allowing white collar criminals who have run their Canadian corporations into the ground leaving shareholders, pensioners and employees empty handed with a slap on the wrist
* lack of serious investment in research and development or the future of the country instead of returning party contributors favours

Is Stephen Harper the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history?


Is Obama the Ghetto President?

With US stock markets soaring to all time highs of late and prosperity amongst the wealthy also to record levels Barack Obama in his 7th year as US President has created some disturbing issues or concerns that are not reported in mainstream media. Record number of individuals are reliant on food stamps, 1 in 5 people are in collections, the gap between the rich and the poor has far exceeded that in the Roaring 1920’s and is at record levels, 40% of the country has no savings for emergencies, more than half of all students in the public school system come from poverty, child poverty is unprecedented, the average debt per household is over $200,000, there are an unprecedented number of boarded up properties, there are record number of commercial as well as residential real estate sitting vacant or classified as zombie foreclosures, poverty rates and indifferences amongst black and other minorities within America are staggering, post secondary school education has soared and become only affordable to the rich, student loan debt is staggering and consumers are in personal debts at record levels to name a few concerns. It seems that Obama’s legacy as President will have only benefited very few connected to Wall Street as well as the top echelons of wealthy in society and will be remembered as one of creating the greatest disparity in American history. Coming from a Senate position in Illinois where economic disparity and poverty is unsustainable (especially in areas of Chicago) it seems though Obama has left a trail of not addressing such issues almost turning his back to them. When images of riots happening in some of the poorer neighbourhoods (such as what happened in Missouri) it is becoming apparent that the Obama administration has created more economic ghettos in America? Will he be remembered as the Ghetto President?


Are the English Royal Family Welfare Bums?

The Royal Monarchy of England has been in power as well as the public eye for many, many centuries but are they anything but upper class? Of late with public scandals such as Prince Harry (nicknamed Harry pothead) on his escapades caught on film committing sexual acts in a Las Vegas hotel room with a female, Princess Kate topless sunbathing photos leaked to the media, Prince Andrew having ties to shady underworld figures and Prince Charles wedding a woman he had extra marital affairs with when married to Princess Diana to name a few, one starts to realize that the royal family’s behaviour has become very similar to the lower class rungs of England. It was recently announced that the Queen’s royal finances are running low as well and cannot cover costs for their vast real estate holdings. How can that be from the centuries of stipulance plus the tax breaks at the cost of the English taxpayers? Have the Royal family become no different from the welfare class willing to collect money to help finance their lifestyle without really working for it? With strong German blood in their family ties, is it time they are cut off from milking the English people? Have they become the laughing stock of upperclass circles for their declining fortunes as well as family values and behaviour?


Is it the Roaring 20’s All Over Again?

With global stock markets at all time or multi-year highs as well as global real estate sky rocketing, it makes one wonder how this happened just over 4 years from a near melt down of the global economic system initiated by just some hundreds of billions of sub prime mortgages in the United States. The Gap between the rich and the poor has never been so high in world history, with wages for the middle class staying stagnant for decades after taking inflation into account as well as global poverty at record highs. How can this happen and has this happened before? The answer is in the roaring 20’s. Coincidentally with the release of the Gatsby movie earlier in the year (where the role was reprised by Leonardo DiCaprio) celebrities have never made so much money in their lives (often drunk as well as wastefully partying and spending their fortunes away), executives have never made so much more than the average employee, people are paying record amounts for mega mansions and high end luxury real estate and luxury vehicles or goods. The rich economy is prospering while the economy for the remaining majority average population is struggling. Sales at high end luxury producers like Porsche, Tiffany, Coach, Prada, etc. are soaring while regular retailers like Sears, JC Penney and even Walmart are struggling. The Federal Reserve, ironically founded 100 years ago, have replicated their loose monetary policies of the roaring 20’s this past decade allowing the global stock markets to be up in an unprecedented 10 out of the last 11 years. Will this end differently than how the Roaring 20’s? Probably not. Why would anyone intentionally create such imbalances? To help the elites get richer off the rest of the population knowing their are easy manipulated and distracted by lifestyle obsession. Here we go again….


Is Canada In Trouble?

Within Canada there seems to be quite a bit of problems occurring at various levels within the vast great North as it is referred to. From Mayors being arrested and charged with corruption and bribery in Quebec, the Mayor in Toronto caught partying with drug dealers and murderers, Senators caught expensing personal lifestyle costs to the taxpayers or getting in trouble with the law, Provincial organizations such as eHealth Ontario caught handing out over priced contracts to friends and family, lack of oversight and criminal enforcement over shady publicly listed corporations on the TSX (ie. Sino-Forest, BreX, Poseidon Concepts, Nortel, etc.) and their Executives, etc. to name a few problems on the political side. With the government debts racked up substantially at all levels of government in Canada and the Canadian Government now more reliant on Exports to the US than ever (as a % of overall exports), to Canadian Consumers racking up record levels of debt (buying cars, houses as well as luxury goods) as well as Corporations, an obvious real estate bubble, to the Banking system adopting a too big too mentality and mimicking the shady practices performed by their US counter parts before the 2008 collapse, it seems Canada is a shock away from a collapse. With recent flooding in Calgary as well as Greater Toronto to the train disaster in Quebec (combined with regular passenger train derailments in Canada over the past few years), Canada’s aging infrastructure has been exposed as well. Since 2006, the current Federal Government under Stephen Harper has continued to finish off what Brian Mulroney started by selling Canada’s assets to the highest foreign bidder (thus allowing us consumers to pay high prices for Canadian Commodities and resources owned by foreign conglomerates) and not investing in Canada. Is Canada heading towards a repeat of the 1990’s? With the Canadian Economy ever so reliant on commercial and real estate growth and the banking activities that finance them, what will happen when that growth tapers off? Without significant investment in R&D during the current Harper government compared to previous Canadian leader’s legacies, how can Canada stand on it’s own two feet without such bubbly activity? Is Canada sailing towards murky waters and heading towards trouble?


Ontario Government Most Corrupt in the Western World?

Months removed from former Premier Dalton McGuinty stepping down, there remains a hard landing or after the fact awakening of the level of greed in the Ontario Government and it’s crown corporations. From OLGC (Lottery) executives giving themselves 50% pay hikes (earning 4 to 5 times their American counterparts as well as over double their predecessors), to eHealth giving away multi million dollar contracts to friends (that should have only cost in the thousands), nepitism, to the Sunshine List of those earning over $100 thousand per year growing to record high (to even include Teachers, Police Constables as well as fire fighters), to Ontario’s debt per capita greater than that of California (who has had their share of near bankruptcy experiences in the past), to platinum and gold plated pensions for Teachers and other Managerial or higher employees, it seems like the tax payers have been robbed of their money at the highest degree like no time in history in Ontario. How did the government get so reckless with it’s finances? Was it to buy votes or serve the contentment class? Why has the welfare mentality become so imminent amongst upper rank Ontario Government employees? Is it due to a shift in society’s values to the far right and status quo? Why does everybody have a strong sense of entitlement in positions that are not usually rewarded financially in other states in the western world (or Provinces in Canada for that matter) as they have in Ontario? Either or the reckless tax and spend behaviour of the Ontario Government over the past decade is a sign of the obvious. The buddy system at it’s greatest. Is Ontario the most corrupt government in the Western World? The answer is yes and then some.