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Is Target Corporation in Trouble?

Target Corporation a once promising retailer who drew in retail shoppers by the drove for their interesting line of merchandising which included mod retro fashions for women and men as well as interesting lines of home furnishings and accessories seems to be in trouble of late. After trying to aggressively expand in Canada, Target quickly closed all their entire Canadian operations and laid off their entire staff there after generating huge losses. They gave former Target Canada CEO Gregg Steinhafel’s a ‘walk-away’ package estimated at $61M (more than the entire severance for all the Canadian employee’s combined) for leading the expansion plan fiasco. Enter a Target store of late and you notice cheap, dull merchandising, limited hours of operation and empty parking lots. Although their stock is trading near multi-year highs, Target is inevitably in trouble. With stiff competition from other department stores, clothing chains and dollar stores competing for a declining demographic the fact is Target’s quality has dropped so dramatically it cannot compete. Recently downgraded by Barclay’s, Target has become too reliant on department store credit cards and huge markups on low quality merchandise as well as derivatives trading to generate profits and forgot what consumers want. It is following Kmart’s model and unless it strays away from that, it will follow the fate of the Canadian subsidiary.


Is the NFL a disgrace?

Over the years the National Football League (NFL) has developed a mentality to promote and give hugely excessive salaries to players who are sociopathic, out of control and get in trouble with the law. It is becoming more frequent in recent years the number of players who disgrace themselves and have made the NFL the laughing joke amongst professional sports for fostering and developing disgraceful athletes.

Below is a list of noticeable NFL Athletes who have disgraced themselves (if we had a complete list it would be the length of a book):

* In March 1996, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin was arrested on charges of cocaine possession at a hotel party celebrating his birthday with under age hookers and cocaine. He later was arrested on similar instances on separate occasions multiple times thereafter.

* former Atlanta Falcons star QB Michael Vick was arrested and incarcerated for operating a dog fighting ring in 2007 and torturing the dogs afterwards as well as testing positive for marijuana. He later squandered his entire fortune and declared bankruptcy.

* former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is indicted on charges of killing multiple people (in serial killer fashion) and is behind bars.

* former RB OJ Simpson is in state prison for Robbery, kidnapping, coercion and conspiracy as well was famously arrested for the murder of his former wife and her male friend.

* Pittsburgh Steelers QB has been arrested multiple times in the past for sexual assault.

* Vikings RB Adrian Peterson has been charged with child abuse.

* Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski had been arrested for possessing and distributing the date rape drug.

* Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice caught on camera knocking his wife unconscious and dragging her on the ground.

* Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was arrested for murder.

* Former Ravens and Browns star RB Jamal Lewis was imprisoned for possessing and planning to distribute five kilograms of cocaine.

The number of arrests have been going through the roof in recent years for NFL athletes. With many Americans struggling still since the 2008 Recession is the United States and the average income lower since before the recession started the average NFL salary has sky rocketed along with endorsement deals for their athletes even though attendance is declining at stadiums. Is the sport of football a bubble? What is wrong that the sport recruits such low life athletes? Is it time they do a mandatory criminal background check as a requirement before letting any player continue on to the NFL? Is the NFL a disgrace?


Is the Stock Market Manipulated to raise GDP?

The stock market in recent days has been filled with wild large swings on the down side as well as especiually on the up side. There is a noticeable pattern in timing as to when the markets rally. One of the most frequent periods of the calendar when these up swings are occuring are during the last week of the month end and quarter ends. With recent declines of the various sub-sectors that the Gross Domestic Product figures of many nations are composed of, the importance of stock market gains as well as commodities increases becomes the last resort of countries desperately trying to create GDP growth in their economies. Via pumping up the stock market and commodities, the Government can make up for losses in the other areas of measures that the GDP is composed of  to show growth in an otherwise lack lustre or negative period. But how is this possible? In the early 1930’s the United States Government collaborated through the largest banks in America to buy stocks to keep the markets propped up after the Great crash of 1929 . In recent years Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and HSBC have 95% of all the derivatives outstanding in the world (totalling in the trillions of dollars) and through leverage can cause huge swings in the markets. The volume of trading is noticeably lower when the markets sky-rocket at the end of each month during these strong rallies as the big boys move in each time to corner the markets without participation of retail investors.

Although not admittedly, the US Government has a huge role in working closely with these big institutions to create such explosive upswings. The only difference between right now and in the past is that these measures were used only temporarily for shorter term durations in the past rallies after a crash to get the markets and investor confidence going again and not extended for such a long period. Many questions arise as to what would have happened if the stock markets were not propped up so heavily? Why is the government not investing in the economy and only relying on stock markt gains? Is this Japan all over again?


Is Habs Management Prejiduce Against Quebec players?

The Montreal Canadiens are one of the most storied franchises in the NHL (or in all of sports for that matter) with a league leading 24 Stanley Cup Championships. Their teams throughout history have been equipped with some of the greatest home grown local talent ever to have played the game. When you look in recent years many of the teams put out each season by the Habs, it becomes rarer that you will find a Quebec player dawning the jersey. Why is that? To understand the answer to this question we have to take a quick look back some decades ago in franchise history to outline what happened.

Ken Dryden wrote a line in his book the Game about his latter years playing for the Habs in the 1970’s (before retiring from his career as one of the great Canadiens’ netminders). Dryden basically commented on what was happening to the franchise in general with the change in ownership in the 1970’s where players like Michel Bossy whom previously would have been drafted by the Canadiens were being passed up in the draft. At one time, the Montreal Canadiens had a contract with the NHL that they would have first crack at any Quebec player in the NHL before any team in the draft. How things have changed.

Today if you look for all the top Quebec born skaters currently playing in the NHL namely Vincent Lecavalier, Martin St Louis, Simon Gagne, Daniel Briere, Marc-Andre Fleury, Kris Letang, Martin Brodeur, Alex Tanguay, Francois Beauchemin, Patrice Bergeron, Johnathan Bernier, Jason Pominville, Paul Stastny, Antoine Vermette, Derick Brassard, Mike Ribeiro, Stephane Robidas, Pierre-Marc Bouchard, JP Dumont, P.A. Parenteau, Eric Belanger, Max Talbot, David Perron, Marc-Andre Bergeron, JS Giguere and  Roberto Luongo you will find that although some of them played
briefly for the Habs, none of them currently play for the Montreal Canadiens.

The Habs have turned away from the historical values of selecting local players (many whose names are engraved on the Stanley Cup winning teams of yester-year). The same players who would thrive on the pressure of playing in front of the home town crowd, dreamt of playing for the Montreal Canadiens their whole youth and helped shaped the dynasties of the team in bleu-rouge-et-blanc have disappeared.

Habs brass (as well as their scouting) have opted for players born outside of La Belle Province. Is that why the last Hab’s 50 goal scorer was Stephan Richer nearly 24 years ago or their last Stanley Cup Championship was in 1993 or their last 90+point scorers were Vincent Damphousse and Pierre Turgeon or multi-award winning superstar goalie was Patrick Roy or Frank Selke Trophy winner was Guy Carbonneau or winningst goalie was Jacques Plante or Art Ross and multi Hart Trophy winner was Guy Lafleur?

What if the Habs reverted to their old days of scouting and swallowed up all the Elite native Quebec players? Would they return to their dynasty ways with such levels of skill, speed, finesse and most importantly chemistry? Do the Habs management want this? Are the Habs management prejiduce against Quebec players?