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Should Habs Go After Matthew Bissonnette?

After being eliminated easily from the playoffs, the Montreal Canadiens showed they were missing size and skill at the forward position. With too many grinders or diminutive forwards they lack a towering presence who can win the battles to the net and most importantly finish. An undrafted player from Acadie-Bathurst Titan of the Quebec league named Matthew Bissonnette seems to fit the bill. At 6’4″, the 21 year old sensation has been an offensive threat in the league with an excellent reputation for his work ethic.

He consistently put up points in his last couple of seasons in the QMJHL and is just fresh off a great performance during the playoffs in the juniors. The Montreal Canadiens have had a history of signing un-drafted/un-signed players have a couple of smaller forwards in their Hamilton Bulldogs AHL affiliate but are lacking the size and strength that Bissonnette brings to the game. After watching last week’s games against the Ottawa Senators, many realize it has been many years that the Montreal Canadiens have had a larger power forward to control the game when playing against physically challenging teams.

Canadiens fans salivate over the ability to bring a Vincent Lecavalier type player to the Bell Centre but forget that sometimes, it can be easier than they think. Ironically, Bissonnette is putting up the same numbers that Lecavalier did when he played in the Q and is exactly the same size as the Tampa Bay Captain. With some promising young talent on the Montreal Canadiens (present and future), there still is the need for the big forward that they haven’t had since the likes of Jean Beliveau. That presence is only one quick signing away and his name is Matthew Bissonette….


Ontario Government Most Corrupt in the Western World?

Months removed from former Premier Dalton McGuinty stepping down, there remains a hard landing or after the fact awakening of the level of greed in the Ontario Government and it’s crown corporations. From OLGC (Lottery) executives giving themselves 50% pay hikes (earning 4 to 5 times their American counterparts as well as over double their predecessors), to eHealth giving away multi million dollar contracts to friends (that should have only cost in the thousands), nepitism, to the Sunshine List of those earning over $100 thousand per year growing to record high (to even include Teachers, Police Constables as well as fire fighters), to Ontario’s debt per capita greater than that of California (who has had their share of near bankruptcy experiences in the past), to platinum and gold plated pensions for Teachers and other Managerial or higher employees, it seems like the tax payers have been robbed of their money at the highest degree like no time in history in Ontario. How did the government get so reckless with it’s finances? Was it to buy votes or serve the contentment class? Why has the welfare mentality become so imminent amongst upper rank Ontario Government employees? Is it due to a shift in society’s values to the far right and status quo? Why does everybody have a strong sense of entitlement in positions that are not usually rewarded financially in other states in the western world (or Provinces in Canada for that matter) as they have in Ontario? Either or the reckless tax and spend behaviour of the Ontario Government over the past decade is a sign of the obvious. The buddy system at it’s greatest. Is Ontario the most corrupt government in the Western World? The answer is yes and then some.