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Should Habs Trade Josh Gorges?

The Montreal Canadiens have been outshot substantially over the past few appearances and it is quite obvious, when PK Subban or Andrei Markov are off the ice, they are weak defensively. But who could Marc Bergevin trade? At $4 million per year, Josh Gorges might be the answer. Although he is a player who gets along well with his teammates, Gorges more than often gets outmuscled by opposition and is not a skilled player. He is limited in terms of growth potential and would be a good asset to trade for a future up and coming defenceman with a lot more potential. One example is 6’2″ David Savard from the Columbus Jackets. Trading Gorges along with a prospect or pick to Columbus for Savard and perhaps another prospect (like Michael Chaput) or pick might be a good alternative. Anyone watching the St. Hyacinthe, Quebec native knows that he would be a good fit in an organization like the Habs. With too much salary committed to ordinary/mediocre players, the Habs need to start making decisions with their personnel to build a championship team for the future rather than hold on to championship memories of the past. A team that has about a third of the players carrying the team, some smart trades are required to upgrade at a few positions. Trading Gorges would be a good move right now while he is healthy and his stock is up. Imagine having a Habs defence with Subban, Markov, Beaulieau coming up soon and a David Savard? Savard once a former QMJHL defenceman of the year and is skilled (like Kris Letang) but much sturdier, bigger and better defensively. This is something the Habs need drastically as they are lacking size on defence. They would be very close to championship calibre with such names on defence.