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Is the NFL a disgrace?

Over the years the National Football League (NFL) has developed a mentality to promote and give hugely excessive salaries to players who are sociopathic, out of control and get in trouble with the law. It is becoming more frequent in recent years the number of players who disgrace themselves and have made the NFL the laughing joke amongst professional sports for fostering and developing disgraceful athletes.

Below is a list of noticeable NFL Athletes who have disgraced themselves (if we had a complete list it would be the length of a book):

* In March 1996, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin was arrested on charges of cocaine possession at a hotel party celebrating his birthday with under age hookers and cocaine. He later was arrested on similar instances on separate occasions multiple times thereafter.

* former Atlanta Falcons star QB Michael Vick was arrested and incarcerated for operating a dog fighting ring in 2007 and torturing the dogs afterwards as well as testing positive for marijuana. He later squandered his entire fortune and declared bankruptcy.

* former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is indicted on charges of killing multiple people (in serial killer fashion) and is behind bars.

* former RB OJ Simpson is in state prison for Robbery, kidnapping, coercion and conspiracy as well was famously arrested for the murder of his former wife and her male friend.

* Pittsburgh Steelers QB has been arrested multiple times in the past for sexual assault.

* Vikings RB Adrian Peterson has been charged with child abuse.

* Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski had been arrested for possessing and distributing the date rape drug.

* Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice caught on camera knocking his wife unconscious and dragging her on the ground.

* Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was arrested for murder.

* Former Ravens and Browns star RB Jamal Lewis was imprisoned for possessing and planning to distribute five kilograms of cocaine.

The number of arrests have been going through the roof in recent years for NFL athletes. With many Americans struggling still since the 2008 Recession is the United States and the average income lower since before the recession started the average NFL salary has sky rocketed along with endorsement deals for their athletes even though attendance is declining at stadiums. Is the sport of football a bubble? What is wrong that the sport recruits such low life athletes? Is it time they do a mandatory criminal background check as a requirement before letting any player continue on to the NFL? Is the NFL a disgrace?