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Is Stephen Harper the Worst Prime Minister in Canadian History?

With elections in Canada approaching on Monday October 19th, 2015 there are questions surrounding the most controversial Prime Minister in Canadian History. How will he be remember? Let’s look at some facts looking back at his 9 year tenure in power as follows:

* Harper has the track record of the worst economic growth in Canada of any PM since the Great Depression
* reverting from the conservative approach the previous Liberal governments enforced the PM has allowed the Canadian banks to take huge risks in the footsteps of their American counterparts who brought about the 2008 crisis
* appointment of corrupt government officials by the PM
* More than 140 Canadian food plants have closed since Harper took office
* Combined debts at all levels of government have sky rocketed
* Our future has been mortgaged by chasing the short term growth at all costs mentality
* the PM has placed all his eggs in one basket in his economic growth policies and management
* Canada has become the worst polluter per capita in the world
* Vast agricultural fields have been destroyed for building unsustainable real estate overdevelopment
* The most soldiers have been killed while Harper has been in office than any PM since the Korean War
* The success in the policies of the PM has been concentrated towards the top 10-20% of companies and individuals
* Small business has been hurt by Harper and the result are countless boarded up shops on main streets all over Canada
* The PM has helped our precious resources and prestigious companies to be sold off to the highest foreign bidder
* encourage the CMHC to instead of being used to help genuine first time home buyers buy reasonable homes instead to support mass speculation in real estate
* housing costs for buyers and renters have never consumed such a high proportion of their income
* PM tries to fix external political problems in foreign countries when he cannot fix the domestic social problems in his own
* Various Canadian industries are suffering the plight of the current PM’s administration such as mining, oil and gas resources, advertising, retail, technology, manufacturing  to name a few
* Never has there been a bigger gap between the rich and the poor in Canadian history than under Harper
* allowing the costs of post secondary education tuition to balloon out of control for students that have forced record debts to pursue higher education
* low accountability standards allowing white collar criminals who have run their Canadian corporations into the ground leaving shareholders, pensioners and employees empty handed with a slap on the wrist
* lack of serious investment in research and development or the future of the country instead of returning party contributors favours

Is Stephen Harper the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history?


Are most charities corrupt?

Charitable organizations are in abundance everywhere within North America. In Canada it is estimated by Revenue Canada that there are around 85,000 charities. There are approximately 1 million charity workers in Canada. Canada Revenue Agency shows more than 6,000 of these people earned above $120,000 last year and a couple of hundred made over $350,000. About 12,000 workers made between $80,000 and $120,000. The proportion of money charities spend on research dropped dramatically — from 40.3 cents on the dollar in 2000 to under 22 cents in 2011. Reports reveal that the area that’s getting the greatest portion of donor dollars is fundraising, up from 26 per cent of all monies raised in 2000, to 42.7 per cent in 2011. The 10 highest paid workers at Sick Kids Foundation made more than $160,000 with five making more than $200,000.

The fact that less money is going into the actual cause for the charities and instead more into lucrative compensations for their workers raises corruption issues. Helping people who are suffering or less fortunate is the primary goal for a charitible organization. Stealing from these people is immoral and a crime. It seems that white collar criminals have infiltrated all levels of society and it is sickening that they are using charities for self-profit. When is enough for such levels of greed and corruption? With poverty levels and the number of people relying on food banks is at all time highs in Canada, it becomes ever so evident that people earning gracious salaries for running charitable organizations are in it for themselves, not caring about the welfare of those in need. In fact if you probably look at the charities and look at the one’s who pay their staff little or more modest salaries, you realize which are legitimate and which are bogus.