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Is Obama the Worst US President in History?


In his final year of US Presidency, let’s take a look at Barrack Obama’s legacy. What will he be remembered for? What direction has he steered America? Here are some points on results that Obama’s administration has results:

  • Raised the US Federal Debt from $6.3 trillion to $19.3 trillion
  • Unprecedented 65 million people globally displaced
  • Record global citizens killed from terrorism
  • A Record 94,610,000 Americans Not in Labor Force
  • Record gap between the rich and poor
  • The top 1% control over 50% of the nation’s wealth
  • CEO pay to average workers has soared to record high
  • 22% of children live in poverty in the United States
  • Record mass shootings in the US under his watch
  • Suicide is the fifth leading cause of death of children ages 5-14
  • More people die from drugs than from car accidents
  • More than one in four blacks live in poverty
  • The jobless rate for blacks is twice that of whites
  • The median income for black households is less than 60% that of white ones
  • Racial tensions in the US have been stoked under his watch
  • The middle class in the US is disappearing
  • More than ½ a million people are homeless in the US
  • More than 25 percent of U.S. students fail to graduate high school in four years
  • record losses in manufacturing jobs and record trade deficits

These few stats alone are up-hauling from a President who has claimed to have savedthe country from the Great Recession. Obama’s passing the buck mentality and deflecting responsibility exemplify signs of poor leadership. Only time will tell but Obama will most likely go down in history as one of the worst US Presidents.



Is Obama Worse Than Bush?

When you take a trip across America and see what is going on today, you start to wonder what it’s political leaders are on when they give their rosy forecasts and accounts of the current and future state of the country. With the current President Barack Obama, you often feel like things feel the same or worse than they did over the previous guy (George Bush Jr). Is there any difference?

Let’s compare the two leaders to see if there is any difference between them. Barack Obama is the son of a Senior Government Official in Kenya (of whom Obama’s father had ex-wives and many more children scattered around the world), admitted he was a former alcoholic and drug user, launched an air assault on Libya without receiving proper approval, has continued the war in Afghanistan by sending more troops, often dines with the executives of big powerful corporations and makes policy decisions (or in-decisions) that allow their companies to dominate further, has racked up huge fiscal deficits as well as the country’s debt while in office, has allowed the gap between the rich and poor to widen to the greatest in American history (not to mention the record number of American people who are poor and live off food stamps), has eliminated the number of high-paying jobs and replaced them with lower paying ones (except if you’re an Executive of a company), allowed the big oil companies to influence his decision making while in power, made the credit system even looser than it was before, has further re-inflated a bubble of excess in the economy through even further de-regulation  and has allowed the energy and food crisis to grow out of control to name a few achievements.

George Bush Jr shares Obama’s experience as being a former alcoholic and drug user as well as son of a US Government leader, helped reverse the economic, technological and fiscal gains in America created during the Clinton Administration (to somewhat lead to what we have now), started a war with Iraq (a nation whom had never killed an American soldier before the gulf war) based on bogus reports of weapons of mass destruction, invaded Afghanistan (to fight an army that America once trained to fight the Russians), often made decisions to help promote the oil industry and helped create illusionary economic growth through financial de-regulation (that popped in 2008) to name a few items.

Comparing the legacy of these two Ivey league Presidents above it seems that they are in a tie for their achievements (or failures). The only difference is that it took George Bush 2 terms (or 8 years) to create such havoc and Obama has done so in less than 1 term.