Should The Habs Sign David Perron?

With the Montreal Canadiens struggling offensively yet again this season, and the fact that developing draft players often takes years of patience, trading often means giving up good players in return, it only becomes a matter of time that GM Marc Bergevin needs to look for help free agency. With recent trade busts, it’s becoming obvious that the Montreal Canadiens Management has a lot of difficulty trading. Their inability to sacrifice decent players to get better players, sign skilled talent or even chase bargains has made their talent base decrease substantially to their current declining state. When will Bergevin start to realize that the Hab’s is offensive chemistry lacking? Watching the disconnect in the passing between team mates as well as relying too much on one player for each line to get points on the scoreboard are costing the Habs easy points in the standings. One player that comes to mind is a local Sherbooke native David Perron. David Perron has been a journeyman in the NHL who was traded just before the Pittsburgh Penguins made their Stanley Cup run. In all fairness the whole team including Sidney Crosby  was playing poorly until the team fired the coach but they fired him after Perron’s departure.

A gritty play maker and goal scorer who had some great years with St Louis and Edmonton has a style of playing that could really gel with Habs players such as Pacioretty, Desharnais and company. He can hit and fight too. He is still only 28 years old and decent size at 6’0″ in height (taller than Gallagher, Desharnais, Plekanec and Byron) has some skill that could really ignite the Montreal’s offence. David Perron is a fantastic playmaker who could create many better quality offensive opportunities than the team is creating currently on the power play and even strength. He isn’t afraid to drive to the net. David Perron also thrives on playing in front of the home town fans in Montreal. Without a mix of Quebec players, too much pressure is put on the few remaining Francophones that exist in the system right now. The Habs would not have to give much up for such a player and probably not have to offer too much money to sign him. Imagine the passing chemistry if Bergevin grabbed him and the improved power play as well as a hometown player who can play the old school style of Montreal Canadiens hockey (not the dump and chase that they have now regressed to). The last time the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup in 1993 they had a team stacked with local Quebec talent and now have regressed to the fewest hometown players in Franchise history. This is a no brainer and would be a great boost for the Habs if Bergevin woke up and brought David Perron to the team where he belongs.


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