Should The Montreal Canadiens Draft Anthony Richard?

With the Montreal Canadiens offence struggling throughout the recent regular season and post season playoff drive offence becomes a priority to improve during the off season. It’s been many years since the Canadiens had a 50 goal scorer (Stephane Richer back in the 1989-1990 season) as well as a top 10 league scorer. Regarded as one of the deepest drafts in a generation this year offers many teams the chance to select high quality players that normally would be first round picks in previous years in the lower rounds. First and foremost the Montreal Canadiens have no 2nd and 4th round picks due
to recent trades which could come back to haunt them.

Within the QMJHL ranks there lies a Quebec native player for Val-d’Or by the name of Anthony Richard. It’s been a lifetime since a player with that last name dawned a Montreal Canadiens jersey. Anthony has a similar frame to that of one time great Maurice Richard (both height and weight wise). Anyone following him this past season will notice a repeating pattern of big games where he scored hat tricks for his team. Although the draft combine measures strength and endurance (all things that can easily be taught to a prospect) skill is the main ability that cannot be taught. With Charlie Hudon and Jeremy Gregoire definitely highly skilled future Quebec prospects for the Habs that have high potential to make the big club, Anthony Richard inevitably has Montreal Canadiens history written all over him in his style and skill. Although he is rated to go 126th in the overall draft, Marc Bergevin and his management must draft this player as he could be the steal of the draft. Scoring 43 goals and 91 points as well as 22 points in 17 games in the post season, this natural goal scorer of a player is much needed for the Habs to complement their current playmaking forwards who are limited in scoring potential. The Habs will need to trade some existing players to regain draft picks or they could miss out like they have in recent years on homegrown talent. Watching the Stanley Cup finals and noticing players like Antoine Vermette and Cedrick Paquette whom were both passed up by the Montreal Canadiens in prior drafts you realize why the Habs are extending their golf season right now and not in the thick of the action. If Anthony Richard is not drafted by the Montreal Canadiens it would be a crime.


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