Should Habs Trade Lars Eller?

The Montreal Canadiens are approaching the March trade deadline in an enviable spot in the standings but still need a boost to make a legitimate run for the playoffs. Centre Lars Eller has been very streaky over the length of his career. Limited offensively and noted for coughing up the puck at the most in opportune time, is it time the Habs trade Lars Eller? Although he is a two way forward, he is neither brilliant offensively nor defensively. For the amount of playing time Eller gets from head coach Therrien, his numbers are rather disappointing. He tends to float a lot during games and although will have a couple of big games in terms of production, then disappear for long stretches at a time. Perhaps sending Eller and a prospect or draft pick to Arizona for Antoine Vermette or to Philadelphia in a similar package for Vincent Lecavalier might be a better move for Habs GM Marc Bergevin to improve the strength of the Habs forward lines and make a serious run for the Stanley Cup? Let’s face it, Lars Eller is not a power forward and it’s time the Montreal Canadiens take this player (who has never scored more than 30 points in a season) and is a combined minus 19 in his last 2 seasons and send him elsewhere.


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