How can the Maple Leafs save their season?

The Toronto Maples Leafs have entered an unprecedented losing streak in this 2014-2015 season. They have missed the playoffs 8 out of their last 9 season seasons. Phil Kessel was the lone star representing the team in the all star game. In fact, they have not been competitive since Ken Dryden was last President of the team. But what can the Maple Leafs do to salvage their dignity and more importantly this season and the next couple of seasons thereafter? We can go through all the many mistakes they have made over the years to lead them up to this point or we can just list what they need to do now and going forward as below:

– End the nepotism bubble and get rid of all the scouts, management and so called self-proclaimed analytics expert and barely legal looking Kyle Dubas (don’t you need an advanced math degree to be an official analytics expert?)
– limit scouting to Canadian amateur leagues (WHL, OHL and QJMHL), maybe 1 for the USHL as well as 1 in Russia and 1 in Sweden
– stop rushing development of players from the minors to the NHL who are too young and not ready
– take the bottom 3 performing defencemen as well as bottom 6 performing forwards and ship them all out
– the bottom 2 lines (6 players) should be filled with two way or defensive players
– the bottom 3 defencemen should only be defensive defencemen
– put Frederik Gauthier in the Marlies and not in Rimouski of the Q
– get rid of James Reimer and call up Antoine Bibeau (who is showing alot of maturity in the Marlies) to back up Bernier in nets as well as only play Bernier 2 games in a row and the backup the 3rd game going forward
– get an experienced person to develop the prospects who really knows hockey (like Doug Gilmour or Guy Carbonneau)

Face it, the Maple Leafs are one dimensional. The entire team Management has built likes to be offensive and are not defensive minded. That is why with the new coach stressing defence, they can no longer win. They need to have a balanced team where all the players are not the same type on the team. By trading their underperforming players away, they can get some prospects and picks to help develop their future depth as well as claim some veteran leaders whose roles are limited on their current squads and can bring that two way forward presence needed or defensive minded approach. With every shake up in Management and coaching staff, the Leafs still manage to lose as they never ever learn from history to correct their past mistakes. Until they do so, they will never win. Listed above is the only way they can win again.


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