Ontario Government Most Corrupt in the Western World?

Months removed from former Premier Dalton McGuinty stepping down, there remains a hard landing or after the fact awakening of the level of greed in the Ontario Government and it’s crown corporations. From OLGC (Lottery) executives giving themselves 50% pay hikes (earning 4 to 5 times their American counterparts as well as over double their predecessors), to eHealth giving away multi million dollar contracts to friends (that should have only cost in the thousands), nepitism, to the Sunshine List of those earning over $100 thousand per year growing to record high (to even include Teachers, Police Constables as well as fire fighters), to Ontario’s debt per capita greater than that of California (who has had their share of near bankruptcy experiences in the past), to platinum and gold plated pensions for Teachers and other Managerial or higher employees, it seems like the tax payers have been robbed of their money at the highest degree like no time in history in Ontario. How did the government get so reckless with it’s finances? Was it to buy votes or serve the contentment class? Why has the welfare mentality become so imminent amongst upper rank Ontario Government employees? Is it due to a shift in society’s values to the far right and status quo? Why does everybody have a strong sense of entitlement in positions that are not usually rewarded financially in other states in the western world (or Provinces in Canada for that matter) as they have in Ontario? Either or the reckless tax and spend behaviour of the Ontario Government over the past decade is a sign of the obvious. The buddy system at it’s greatest. Is Ontario the most corrupt government in the Western World? The answer is yes and then some.


7 Responses to “Ontario Government Most Corrupt in the Western World?”

  1. October 8, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    Yes, I agree. But try to get that discussed in mainstream media. Not going to happen because the government thugs enforce with force.

  2. 2 gord
    January 19, 2014 at 12:43 am

    no doubt- Ontario governments at all levels are corrupt- and soon the people will be forced to revolt- they steal capital gains money from my family in the amount of 500,000.00 for what- to waste it.
    our service goes down each year- in springwater township- shit garbage pick up with and yet our taxes go up each year- it is bullshit- I hate Ontario- it is the ” can’t do province” give me a green card and I will be packed for the states- where taxes are lower- and the weather is better- and people are friendly.
    Ontario governments are greedy and corrupt
    at queens park- all they do all day is think of ways to steal our money- mcguinty- I knew he was a joke of a leader- u wonder why 50% of people don’t vote- because of constant foulups from queens park
    get gasoline prices down???
    force insurance companies in Ontario to lower their prices 50%
    ever wonder why suicides are on the increase??
    ontarians cannot keep paying paying and paying
    I don’t have kids and yet I am forced to pay education taxes??
    fed boatsmart- nothing but a money grab- 2% of Canadians will ever use a green or red buoy
    bring back the 500,000 capital gains exeption now??
    get rid of the emission test- it was good but its use is over-
    don’t ever put cuba down for communist- what do u think Ontario is??
    I own a and pit- and our corrupt mnr forces me to pay hundreds of dollars each year even if I do not sell anysand??
    Ontario governments make me sick

  3. April 2, 2014 at 12:14 pm

    Now they are talking another election , why not just have a public hearing in where all these issues are forced to be transparent and charges are layed!! instead of millions spent on another election which to me is just passing the buck enabling the corruption to continue

  4. 4 Darrin
    September 3, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    I will be heading to my Death soon. Thanks to Ontario’s corrupt Family and Criminal Courts. Ruthless (FRO) family responsibility office! Children’s Aid Societies…who just Fuck Up Families and Children. I’m Broke, Penniless, Homeless and see no hope for this Godforsaken Province. I encourage all Canadian Men to stay single. Don’t Marry or even Date a Single Mom. Move to a Western Province if possible. Ontario seriously needs to get its @ss Kicked. They Deserve It. As for me…I want out. I will not be a Slave!

  5. 5 gord
    December 18, 2014 at 4:08 pm

    our lovely bastard canadian gov. i learned- the canadian gov – helped the americanos open trade with cuba- great can. gov- you helped send millions of americans into cuba to fill up the resorts- which canadians have enjoyed the low prices- thanks for nothing you ass canadian gov. officials. Americans have polluted dominican and mexico with their presence bring in drugs and guns- making those vacation locations high risk for canadians to vacation.
    Now they are about to corrupt the lovely island of cuba.

  6. 6 Mike
    January 24, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    Ontario is a great province for tourists! You go there and while you’re enjoying it you realize how lucky you are for not having to live there. Get out while you can, you will not regret it. I was raised in ontario, but after all the tax increases and wage decreases I decided to go down south. Now, it’s all fun for me coming back to ontario. People look more tense or depressed. It’s beautiful when you don’t have to live and be forced to pay high taxes and be stuck in crap ttc that goes nowhere and gridlock.

    • 7 gord
      February 5, 2015 at 1:44 pm

      i second that completely! ontario is good to visit but to live here and see continual increase in fees, taxes. energy costs, and yes to see wage hikes with gov level employees- while most people are living cheque to cheque- we cant seem to get an ontario leader who sees the corruption- and greed in ontario. eg the estate law – what a joke- family members should never be allowed to be executors when they want to purchase any of the family assets- merieidan credit union and some banks can place a charge double of what the money they have lent you on you land- what a joke- they make some lie up- they do it incase u need more funds- bullshit- i never signed or agreed to that charge being placed against my knowledge.- another ontario corruption and the courts are another joke- it costs 10,000.00 to get infront of a judge- lawyers are 90% on the take- overcharging and tricking the public- do a survey what the public thinks of lawyers in ontario? I also plan on moving south and good ridens pathetic ontario fees and laws.

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