Should Habs Give Tomas Kaberle One More Chance?

After clinching a playoff berth for the first time in 2 years, the Montreal Canadiens find themselves in an all too familiar slide entering into the post season. Their defence is looking silly of late against teams whom they might end up playing against in the playoffs. Without a question, in order to avoid an early first round exit, some changes need to be made. Why not give Tomas Kaberle one more shot? After putting up 11 pts in the Bruins 25 game Stanley Cup victory a few years ago, Kaberle could really help the Habs in the playoffs. Montreal, like Boston a few years ago, put too much pressure and emphasis on their main defensive stars (Markov and Subban) that the remaining players are lacking the skill to compete against stronger teams. Kaberle, one of the top defenceman in Czech Republic history is a nifty playmaker who if played right can really help the transition game for the Habs. Are Gorges, Weber, Boullion and Drewiske really better than Kaberle? Not at all. They are bottom pairing defenceman at most if not AHL material. Diaz is the top Swiss Defenceman in the NHL right now and will be a mainstay for the team. Imagine Subban-Markov, Kaberle-Diaz and Boullion-Gorges for the Habs in the playoffs?

Right now forwards on the Canadiens have to drop back as the defence are not clearing their zone effectively and it is causing a decline in their offensive output. Although Carey Price has not been stellar of late, many of the goals he has let go he has had no chance or has been left confused by his own defenceman screening him or missing coverage. Looking down into the playoffs, no defenceman on the Habs right now has put up more points against their potential competitors in the Eastern Conference than Tomas Kaberle. The Habs need Kaberle now.


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