Is Stephen Harper Afraid of Justin Trudeau?

Fresh from being elected as leader of the Federal Liberal party Justin Trudeau is facing a campaign of dirty advertising by PM Stephen Harper’s conservative party featuring out of context ads and slandering of the newly elected leader. With an election probably not until 4 years away why is the current PM spending money on this for someone who is not even the leader of the official opposition party? Why is Stephen Harper going to such lengths? There is a big philosophical difference between Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper. Even Trudeau’s comments about the recent Boston Marathon bombings holding society and government responsible for finding and resolving the issues that are making people feel so angry and isolated have a lot of truth behind it rather than using fear to promote a government run police state. Having enjoyed financial stability due to years of Paul Martin as either Finance Minister or PM of Canada, Stephen Harper has slowly turned Canada’s entrepreneurial success into one of monopolization and selling off assets to the highest foreign bidder. We all know former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was a nationalist and would never permit growth in Canada without Canadian’s sharing a piece of the pie. Rather than selling off Canada and it’s rich base of resources, Justin Trudeau would bring back Canada to the ownership of it’s citizens and close the economics gaps or imbalances (ie. status quo or winner takes all) that Harper’s Conservative Party have so deeply ingrained in their decision making policies.

From no longer being a part of the UN Peace Keeping Role to going on the offensive lines in US created wars under Harper’s watch, Justin Trudeau would bring Canada back to the global leader in peace and diplomacy like it once was during his father’s era. With Canada now being one of the biggest polluters per capita in the world under Harper’s government, Trudeau would push for environmental reforms so the big oil and gas companies would not have such a stranglehold on politics in Canada and deplete our environment rather than push for alternative energy. One of the because recent polls show that if there was an election today Justin Trudeau would win by a landslide and I think the right has become very fearful of that.


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