Should Habs fire Sylvain Lefebvre as Bulldogs coach?

With Montreal Canadiens AHL affiliate Hamilton Bulldogs near the bottom of the standings, it is obviously noticable as to how they got there with so many talented junior players on their squad. With skilled players like Louis Leblanc, Michael Bournival, Nathan Beulieau and Morgan Ellis putting up very poor numbers this season in Hamilton, for players of their stature, is it bad coaching that has made the team produce such terrible results? Coach Lefebvre fired his assistant coach Ron Wilson mid way into the season. For Habs fans, they can remember the same defenceman Sylvain Lefebvre who was traded by the Montreal the year before they won their last cup. His other assistant coach in Hamilton is Donald Dufresne who of the same age was also a former Habs defenseman although less talented. Luckily he was part of the Habs last championship although he did not play that many games that season and was not a big part of the Stanley Cup winning team.

The problem is that both coaches are defensive minded and the team is unable to score. They lack creativity because the coaches are trying to force players into positions and styles that is not suitable to them. With Martin Lapointe and Patrice Brisebois, both mediocre former NHL hockey players as well, who were very limited offensively as player development coaches, one can see why the team is so bad. Is it time Lefebvre gets fired? Yes, bring someone in who is a proven winner and understands how to develop players and is experienced winning like other junior coaches such as Guy Carbonneau or Patrick Roy and Hamilton can save their season and improve the play of all their prospects now. Also take Patrice Brisebois with him. The future of the Habs depends on it.


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