Should Habs Trade for Simon Gagne?

With the NHL trade deadline over a month away, the Habs are doing well thus far early in the NHL season but still have difficulty playing certain teams. They are obviously becoming too reliant on certain players to perform each night. Watching players like Brian Gionta who are sometimes invisible for the Habs certain nights and at his age seemingly at the end of his career, imagine if GM Marc Bergevin traded Gionta to the LA Kings for Simon Gagne? Gagne has put up decent numbers but struggled to fit in the LA Kings as well as Tampa Bay Lightning after his successful career in Philadelphia. His history of concussions might be of concern but he still has playmaking abilities and puts up decent numbers for a a guy relegated to limited ice time on the bottom lines.

Imagine putting him on the wing with Desharnais-Pacioretty how dangerous the Habs attack would be? His 6’1″ frame is much larger and stronger than Brian Gionta plus he is much more skilled. Putting him in such a position in the Habs lineup could reignite his offensive prowess of the past and make the Habs more dominant. After being a healthy scratch a few times this season I’m sure the LA Kings will take something for him and especially Brian Gionta. Gionta’s contract and salary does not make sense for a younger teams like the Habs and he definitely is not one of the better Captains in Habs history. Getting Simon Gagne could make a statement to French Canadian Habs fans that the tradition is still alive and the the once storied franchise is continuing it’s quest for the Stanley Cup.

Gagne’s contract is very light for the Habs and not a risk at all. Of course, Simon Gagne isn’t the cure to the problem as the Habs still need a couple more younger players to be more dominant (perhaps like Derrick Brassard), but such a trade could put the Habs over the top. After 20 years since the last Stanley Cup, the time is now for the Montreal Canadiens.


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