Should Habs Trade Brian Gionta?


The Montreal Canadiens, decades from the team’s glory days are fading yet again in this early strike plagued NHL season. Watching their Captain Brian Gionta play over the past few seasons you start to wonder. Usually Team Captains either dominate offensively, defensively or make the big hits or fights to fire up his team. Gionta does neither. He is a very dimunitive forward who although has some dressing room leadership skills is not what the Montreal Canadiens needs right now. The Habs need a complete leader. Someone who steps up when the rest of the team is ailing. Is it time for GM Marc Bergevin of the Montreal Canadiens to trade their captain? The answer is definitely yes. But who could they trade him for? He would make a good fit on a younger team or one that is challenging for the Stanley Cup (something that the Montreal Canadiens are not). If the Canadiens truly want to rebuild they need some players that add to the team chemistry yet are distinguishable from the current roster of players. Simon Gagne, Pierre-Marc Bouchard, Sean Couturier, Paul Stasny, Derick Brassard, Antoine Vermette are some names that come to play who can match the once legendary speed and style of the Montreal Canadiens. Much like his counterpart Scott Gomez, Gionta (at the cost of letting go Alex Tanguay by Bob Gainey) is showing that the New Jersey Devils dominance has always relied on the play of Martin Brodeur and the Montreal Canadiens are not a good fit for him. Time to move forward for Marc Bergevin.


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