Did Gary Bettman ruin the NHL?

With a third player lockout occuring under Gary Bettman as NHL Commisioner one starts to ponder, has Gary Bettman ruined the NHL? From over-expansion to placing franchises in small market US cities while neglecting to place more franchises in key Canadian cities like Hamilton, Quebec City and the East Coast, the NHL seems to be of less quality than it was in the 80’s or early 90’s. Quite a few of the US Teams are in financial trouble or un-profitable such as New Jersey, Phoenix, Dallas, Nashville, Tampa Bay, Florida and NY Islanders as well. The over-expansion American model that we’ve seen before in business history always produces the same end result, collapse, bankruptcy and contraction. If Bettman were really a true leader within the organization he is in charge of wouldn’t he have some savy negotiations to come to an agreement between owners and players to avoid a third lockout? Does he even possess such crucial negotiation skills that are essential to any business leader? For a guy who does not know how to play hockey himself and get’s booed at everywhere he speaks and presents in front of the fans should Gary Bettman finally be fired? Did he ruin the NHL? Would the NHL be better off without him? Mais Oui.


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