Should Obama be re-elected?

With the US elections coming up in a few months and Barack Obama seeking his second term in office do you think he deserves to be re-elected? Four years have passed since the 2008 Financial Crisis but have things improved or changed? Surely the stock market is back near it’s all time highs and the GDP numbers have been on the plus side for a few years now but how has this helped every American? Poverty rates are at all-time highs, more people are reliant on food stamps, mass speculative money has re-entered the equity and real estate markets, small business is on the brink while the biggest corporations are more powerful than ever, further de-regulation of CBOE trading requirements have caused commodities to sky-rocket causing global unrest, many people are dying every day in both Iraq and Afghanistan, although no new wars have been started by Obama the war in Afghanistan is still going on 11 years later, the white collar criminals who create the 2008 crisis have not been prosecuted, Wall Street is more powerful and centralized than ever, the gap between the rich and the poor is the highest in American history, the municipalities in America are on the brink fiscally, the US deficit spending has broken records and the debt has climbed above the US GDP as well as no fiscal reforms to the economy have been made to eliminate the complete reliance on monetary policy to name a few items of concern.

It seems like the answer is no based on the facts. The problem is the other party is no different in their ideals and agenda. Not much of a choice in the current US Elections.


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