Has America Gone Gun Crazy?

Of late, it seems like almost every other week there has been a shooting spree incident resulting in fatalities. From Columbine to Virginia Tech to the recent Batman Premiere in Colorado to the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, the frequency of such incidents is becoming quite regular. But what is causing such problems of violence in society? After each incident occurs the application for gun permits as well as gun sales increase. But is this something that society wants? A bunch of nervous people carrying guns with them in public? Watching movies over the last decade you can tell the amount of gun violence in them has increased big time. Political advocates whose roots are from Hollywood such as the late Charleton Heston as well as action stars such as Clint Eastwood and Arnold have made the pro gun cause even more stronger. The NRA is stronger than ever. Not to mention the video games. Violent game sales dominate the video game industry. With the gap between the rich and the poor at record highs as well as huge strains on the middle class and former Army veterans stressed from battling wars in the US, society is becoming more disgruntled than ever as the winner takes all culture has left many people behind. How can such incidents be prevented? Perhaps gun violence must not be glorified in the movies and in video games. Are there no role models anymore to come out and campaign against violence? Until the powers that be have less of a stranglehold on government and society with the big money making weapons business they have vested interests in, the American Dream will keep getting destroyed with each senseless gun shot.


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