Is Democracy Dead in America?

After listening to President Barack Obama’s state of the union address (aka thrown speech), you start to wonder, what happened to Democracy? From saying that we must give all Americans a fair and equal chance to suceed, that the gap between the rich and poor must be addressed, taxes raised on the rich as well as restore the American dream of every American owning their own home, it makes you scratch your head. Wait a minute, isn’t this the same multi-millionaire President that extended George Bush’s tax breaks for the rich, has cause more people in American history during his term in office to rely on food stamps (1 in 7) as well as become poor (150 million) as well as bailed out the Big Banks rather than the general population. Why is he waiting until election time to make such promises than trying to prevent such problems from occuring during his Presidency?

On the flip side two other multi-millionaires from the other party seem to believe they could do a better job than their predecessor (George W. Bush) and this current president? With only two parties (very much like former Communist Russia), what choice do you have? Is there any difference between the two political parties in the US? With so many politicans in Congress and Senate who are wealthy, how can they relate to the common folk? With large corporations making record amounts of political contributions to put their guys in office, how can the common population be represented in the decision making process? With two decades now passed since a former Governor from Arkansas who rose from poverty to become the President of the United States (Bill Clinton) when the American Dream once existed, is democracy in America now dead?


1 Response to “Is Democracy Dead in America?”

  1. January 31, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    Democracy as a whole has gone astray. Athenian democracy was the epitome of Athenian society. Meaning people cared. Modern democracy is met with apathy which leads to the railroading of civil liberty and creates a highway for the rich to get exactly what they want.

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