Is Wall Street Desperate?

With Christmas holidays and more importantly the year end for Banks approaching, there is a sense of desperation on Wall Street. With retail investors staying clear of the markets and bankruptcies increasing in the US once again, big financial instituions are longing for year end gains so they can pad their bonuses. With a Santa Claus Christmas Rally coming in 8 of the last 10 years on the stock market, Wall Street is gunning for another repeat winning performance. With the CME lowering margin requirements on oil (the main US Dollar carry trade and commodity that’s price is linked to market performance these days) as well as bond buybacks and zero interest rates policy by The Federal Reserve, this task becomes easier. By why would the Bankers mortgage the whole future of the banking system and economy for gains now? Wouldn’t they want a fair distributed long term approach to business and economic prosperity where all parties involved gains? The answer is greed. They want it all now and the fewer people who get to share in this winfall, the better it is for their ego. In the season where giving whould be a big part of tradition, taking seems to be the bigger theme on desperate Wall Street.


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