Are The Habs in Trouble?

It’s been 19 seasons since the once gloried Montreal Canadiens have brought home the Stanley Cup to it’s fans and with their current roster the chance to win it seems years away. With injured defenceman Andrei Markov and other than Carey Price, along with future defensive talent PK Subban, there seems to be no superstars on a team which is in dire need of them. With only 1 win in the pre-season, Canadiens seem lacking in offensive playmaking talent, scoring as well as in the defence department. A nifty and skilled playmaker such as Desharnais makes brilliant passes to forwards who can’t put the puck in the net. The current GM Pierre Gauthier has brought aboard a group of veterans who are under-sized,  injury plagued throughout their careers and limited in offensive skill while moving away skilled players. Repeating the same mistakes as his predecessors Rejean Houle, Andre Savard and Bob Gainey. As each former Hab’s player (or local Quebec born player) plays in front of the crowd in Montreal and puts up points against the Montreal Canadiens, each little trade or signing mistake becomes magnified.

At each season’s end it becomes obvious that the handful of players who carry the team can’t do it on their own and their own chances of winning the Stanley Cup are being held back by dead weight or players who would be nothing other than bench warming or AHL material on other NHL teams. When Habs fans witness teams like the Philadelphia Flyers or Tampa Bay Lightning make big roster moves by shipping out limited skill players and bringing in stronger, often bigger, faster, more skilled players thus much improving their team and chances of winning the Stanley Cup it becomes ever so more disappointing. Comparing improvements made to the other teams in the NHL and in the same division with the Montreal Canadiens for the upcoming 2011-2012 season, do the Habs have no chance of making the playoffs (moreless winning the Stanley Cup) this season and are they in trouble?


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