Was September 11th a cover-up?

It’s been a decade since the horrific events of September 11th and many questions have still not been answered. Shortly after the September 11th bombings of The World Trade Center, the US government declared Osama Bin Laden as a main mastermind behind the bombings and ordered a war on the Taliban Government in Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban were once backed and trained by the US government to fight the Soviets during the 9 year Soviet-Afghanistan war that resulted in over 100,000 deaths for both sides and over 53,000 injuries for the Soviets as well. The Bin Laden Group are also major business partners with the George Bush Sr and are picked by the Prince of Saudi Arabia to build the world’s tallest skyscraper. In fact during the September 11th crisis all flights were halted across the US  except for those carrying the Bin Laden Group to return home who were meeting in the US that very day.

Now that Osama Bin Laden has been killed, doesn’t it mean that the war should come to an end? Afghanistan is one of the world’s largest supplier of the poppy trade (used within heroin where the US is one of the largest consumers), a major route for potential energy infrastructure (ie. building of pipelines) to the Far East as well as one of the largest un-tapped natural resource locations in the world. In fact, without surprise, after the US invaded Afghanistan they declared that there seems to be trillions of dollars of petroleum, natural gas and minerals located within the region. What a surprise?

If you look back in history at the burning of Rome during Emperor Nero’s rein of the Roman Empire where he blamed Christians for burning the city and used it to create a war to promote his Empire and rebuild the city. Is September 11th history repeating itself? Was it the result of a terrorist act or an act allowed to happen to create a war and allow a powerful group within the powers that be to further control the world and it’s resources? The sad outcome are the many lives lost of people as a result of such a power chess match.


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