Is the Catholic Church the Roman Empire?

The Catholic Church is no doubt one of the most powerful organizations in the world with it’s power spanning across many continents. Although it is supposed to be a form of Christianity, there are many traditions and beliefs within the church that are not contained nor professed by Jesus in the new testament of the bible (the foundation of Christian belief). Where does it then originate from? Let’s look at some interesting similarities between the Catholic Church and The Roman Empire .

The title Pontificus Maximus was once given to Caeser, the ruler of the Roman Empire and it is also the title given to the Pope within the Roman Catholic Church. In the Roman Empire henotheistism was practised. Henotheistism is the belief of many gods as well as the concept that one particular god rules over the other gods. The Catholic Church professes worship in their various saints as well as mother Mary in addition to their supreme god which is very Henotheistic in nature.

Mithraism was a popular religion in the Roman Empire that was replaced with Christianity by Emperor Constantine. One of the main rituals of Mithraism was a sacrificial meal, involving a sacrificial meal involving eating the flesh and drinking the blood of a bull to be granted salvation. It had had seven sacraments as well making it very similar to Roman Catholicism. Sol Invictus (“Invincible Sun”) was the official sun god of the later Roman empire. It’s feast day (or birthday) was celebrated on December 25th. This is the day that the Catholic Church has adopted as the birth of Christ.

Isis worship was very common during the Roman Empire and the belief in the concept of the mother of god. Many statues and temples were built during the Roman Empire for this purpose. The Catholic Church has a strong ties to worshipping Mother Mary even though there is no reference in the New Testament of the bible nor by Jesus that Mary was to be worshipped.

The Emperor Constantine experienced a big victory in 312 at the Battle of Milvian Bridge, after which Constantine would claim the emperorship in the West. Constantine saw a cross of light in his dream before the battle. He then adopted this as the symbol for his newly adopted Christian (Catholic) church. Although theologians and historians have researched that Jesus was executed/hung at a stake built via a tree and not a cross, the cross has been adopted as the symbol of the Catholic Church and it’s followers.

The similarities between the Catholic Church and the Roman Empire shown above make it very hard to distinguish between the two. Is there no difference between them? Did the Roman Empire hide itself in the Catholic Church to stave of extinction from the Empires that invaded and conquered them afterwards?


2 Responses to “Is the Catholic Church the Roman Empire?”

  1. 1 telson
    July 20, 2011 at 8:44 am

    Below, we examine the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, so that its members might find the grace of God. The fact is that there are many Roman Catholics who do not yet know Christ. Many of them may, indeed, be quite religious, but they have not yet received Christ into their lives. These people may also regard the Roman Catholic Church as being, “the only right church”, or may think that there is no salvation except that inside the Roman Catholic Church, but they still do not understand how they can be saved.
    The problem with the Catholic Church is that its rituals and doctrines do not lead people toward knowing the grace and salvation in Christ. Instead, they lead to something else. Over the centuries, this church has been more and more affected by heresies, and nowadays many people are led rather badly astray. Among other examples of errant teachings are Mary, the merits of the saints, compensation acts, sacraments, and purgatory.
    We will examine the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church so that everyone might get in connection with God. Our goal is that people find personal salvation and the grace of God in Jesus Christ. You, the reader, may not hold the same opinion, or think about everything in the same way we do. The most important thing for you is to receive the eternal life given to us by God.


  2. February 13, 2013 at 3:43 am

    I really like reading a post that will make men and
    women think. Also, many thanks for allowing for me to comment!

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