Is Japan the Next Atlantis?

From Plato’s famous account of the lost civilization that was once the most advanced in the Western world, never since has such a country so powerful completely disappeared off the face of the earth. Atlantis was once believed to be so far ahead in terms of technology for it’s time where it’s influence help morph technologies used by the great empires of the world that proceeded it. With recent links to the location of Atlantis to be buried off the Coast of Spain it was believed that a powerful earthquake causing an enormous that tsunami submerged Atlantis thousands of years ago.

Since the powerful 9.0 earthquake that rocked Japan on March 11th, Japan has experienced many strong aftershocks and earthquakes on a daily basis. On the verge of a nuclear crisis as well as the economy effectively declining for the past 21 years, this recent disaster might as well be the next nail in the coffin for Japan. Desperately trying to use monetary policy for decades now to rejuvenate their economy Japanese leaders have mounted the countries debt to irrecoverable levels. There is no more money left within the country to bring them back to the promise they had decades ago to be the next economic superpower.

Although over time many cities have been destroyed by  natural disasters  or “Acts of God” (such as Pompeii, Sodom and Gomorrah) never such destruction has occurred to such a large body of land such as Japan. An American pshychic Edgar Cayce once predicted that Japan would disappear off the face of the earth due to earthquakes. With the increase in earthquake activity after the March 11th earthquake (which is usually a sign that a bigger earthquake is yet to come), will Japan be face the same doom that Atlantis met?


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