Is Scott Gomez worst Habs player ever?

When you think of a player for the legendary Montreal Canadiens franchise who commands over 20 minutes of playing time in a game and is paid $8 million plus per season (the highest by any Habs player in franchise history) you picture a forward who dominates both ends of the ice game in and game out. You picture a franchise player who can change the game with one pass, one shot on net or one check into the boards and carries the team when they are slumping. But a guy who has only scored more than 20 goals once in  his 11 seasons in the NHL? Or even worse, a guy who is a team worst -14 in the plus/minus column with only 7 goals in 72 games this season and 35 points? Over two seasons as a member of the Habs Scott Gomez has only scored 19 goals in 150 games. And this guy was a 1st round overall pick in the 1998 draft?

Glancing through the stands in various arenas across Quebec watching all the hometown hockey players from Quebec (in the NHL as well as in the minor league teams) you realize that you can pick almost any player and find one who will play better and put up better numbers for much less a salary. You start to realize why it’s been 18 years since a Stanley Cup has been paraded up and down St Catherine’s Street in Montreal.  Is it the overpaid salary that influences Scott Gomez’s poor performance as a Hab’s player, is it his lack of height, his lack of scoring abilities, his lack of accurate passing or his inability to make that extra step with each challenge from an opposing team player or is it simply that Scott Gomez is the worst Centerman ever to play for the Montreal Canadiens?


1 Response to “Is Scott Gomez worst Habs player ever?”

  1. 1 Marco
    March 29, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    Without doubt the worst player signed by the Habs. Doug Wickenheiser was a bigger diaappointment because we picked him #1 in the draft ( in front of Denis Savard) and he never lived up to his hype. Everybody could see ( except Bob Gainey) that Gomez was completely overhhyyped and that Glen Sather got robbed in the idiotic deal we are now stuck with for Gomez. Bob Gainey is a hockey hero of mine for his stellar career on and off the ice. But he deserved to get fired for this deal and Gauthier should lose his too if they can’t find a way of unloading this guy.I understood Gomez was used as a lure to get Gionta. I like Gionta well enough but it’s inconceivable to me that we couldn’t find 35 goals somewhere else with the 13 milllion dollars that would be freed up with the departure of those 2.I’d like to see Gionta stay but the habs CANNOT win it all with Scott Gomez as the highest paid player. Terrible mistake. It must be corrected.

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