Is America following the Roman Empire?

Imagine a nation that overspends on it’s military and constantly causing wars, where both the government and civilians have over-extended themselves financially through the credit system, where the gap between the rich and poor is at it’s record, where the country has extended it’s army thin to have a presence in almost every country in the world, where the infrastructure is becoming old and dilapidated, where social problems are becoming over-burdening causing a collapse in the family structure, where other countries have caught up or advanced beyond such a nation in terms of ingenuity and military might that it once dominated in every aspect, rampant with political corruption, an economy that can not be restored to it’s greatest levels in the past, high unemployment amongst the working class, a huge decline in morals and ethics at all levels within society, that has been involved in fast over-expansion or finally where nepotism and favouritism have infiltrated all organizations right to the top.

Does the description of this nation above sound similar? Although I’m describing the main reasons why the Roman Empire fell above aren’t such issues completely existent in the United States of America today? Is America following the footsteps of the same Empire in which they accredit  many of their political and judicial influences (as visible in all the state and capital buildings as well as monuments in the US) to? Is history repeating itself? Well it doesn’t take a PhD to realize that the similarities are too close and thus the final outcome is too probable.



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