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Jesus was not born on December 25th?

With the holiday season near and crowds of shoppers descending on malls and stores, Christmas is supposed to signify one of the most important days for Christians around the globe. According to Christians, Jesus was born on December 25th. Or was he? Scientists recently had researched alignment of the stars and planets going back thousands of years and discovered that around the estimated year Jesus would have been born (between 2BC and 1AD) they found that Venus and Jupiter became very close in the the year 2BC and appeared to be one bright beacon of light thus resembling “The Christmas Star” that was noted in the Bible. Accordingly, this occurred on the date of June 17th.  In the New Testament in The Bible there is also reference to Sheppard’s attending to their herd outdoors during that time as well. Now, we all know that it is very cold around December 25th in the Holy Lands and Sheppard’s tend to keep their herds indoors in barns around that time of year. They would definitely more likely be spotted outside with their herds in the warmer months (such as June).

So where did December 25th come from on the calendar? Did the church select it because it was close to the date of a Pagan Festival that celebrated the Sun God or Winter Solstice by the Romans? This brings up an interesting debate.