What Ever Happened to Rock And Roll?

Turn on the radio and tv today and you see the state of modern music. It is over produced, over commercialized and lacking quality. The lack of creativity and uniqueness is apparent as we see all the artists sounding and looking like their counterparts in pop music. Videos are used primarily to advertise for various product merchandising (i.e. Coke, Pepsi, Mercedes, etc.) and not promote the music. Record executives are teaming up with big corporations to exploit the minds of artists and consumers to make the almighty dollar. It is destroying the actual talented musicians and promoting these “artists” who aren’t even musicians themselves, merely performers. The number of  “recording artists” (who do not know how to play an instrument or cannot write a song) to actual musicians out there has ballooned. The messages in the music are meaningless and promote commercialism/materialism. The live music scene has been replaced by urban clubs. People are paying big money to see replay musicians and most of the modern artists releasing albums are very poor influences to the rest of the music scene. Promotion of the star qualities of the recording artist and their lifestyle is far more important than the quality of their music.

The singer/song-writers like that of yesteryear are no longer being produced. The music that is promoted as rock n’ roll today is merely 3 chord punk or grunge or heavy metal. Many of the bands all sound the same. Perhaps the early deaths of musicians like Elvis, Buddy Holly, Hendrix, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Roy Orbison, Ricky Nelson, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Michael Hutchins, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ritchie Valens, George Harrison have been setbacks to keeping rock n’ roll afloat. Right now it looks like the only section of music doing rock n’ roll is Nashville. With the proliferation of hip hop and it’s influence in the bling-bling and gangster lifestyle, youth are being influenced in ways that are violent and dangerous. Hopefully there will be a re-surgence of rock n’ roll simply by people being sick of listening to the stale and cheesy music currently available and wanting something classic and lasting. Music is a very important part of a culture and it’s identity and rock ‘n roll is an important part of not only America’s History but the world being united with their love for rock n’ roll.

May rock n’ roll live forever!


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